3 PAX met at YHC’s casa to begin the Olympic torch run to our new AO at Holland Park.


Not my fault

Not F3’s fault

Not Holland Park’s fault

Modify if necessary

Core Principles:


Open to all Men

Rain or Shine

Led by men who participate in a rotating fashion without any certification

Ends in a Circle of Trust

Warm up:

SSH x20 ic

Shoulder Pretzels x20ic

Weed Pickers x10ic

Windmills x10ic

The Thang:

Mosey to basketball court

10 squats

Mosey to half court

10 merkins

Mosey back to side

10 squats

Mosey to half court

9 merkins

Mosey back to side

10 squats

Mosey to half court

8 merkins

Mosey to side

I think you get the idea we went all the way to 10 and 1

Mosey to fence

BTTW 10 count

Dirty hook up x10ic


Mosey to home plate

Dora Plays Ball

P1 runs bases; P2 does exercise

100 Overhead Claps

200 LBCs

300 SSH

Mosey to bleachers

Step ups x10 each leg

Dips x10

Calf raises x10


Mosey to building

Wall sit

1 by 1, each PAX runs around the building until all PAX have run

Mosey to the parking lot

Rocket Burpees




Low Dolly


In the Morning

Bay City Scissors

Recover x2


Sorry Woolly Dutchman that your shoes got wet.

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