Weather: 38, light wind

Pax: Nomad, Beefsteak, McStuffins, Butterfly, Khaki, Biscuit, Slider (q)
5 principals

  • Open to all men
  • Free of charge
  • Always outside
  • Peer led
  • Ends in COT

Disclaimer (almost forgot this…was done during the warm up)

Warm up

  • Motivator from 5
  • Arm Circles (Forward and Backward) – 20
  • Abe Vigodas – 10
  • Frankenstein walk across the street

Thang: Pick a partner and collectively complete the number of reps for each exercise. One does exercise while other goes there and back

  • Exercise 1 – 75 burpees with skip jumps
  • Exercise 2 – 100 Big Boy’s with bear crawl
  • Exercise 3 – 200 Calf Raises with 1 lap mosey
  • Exercise 4 – 100 Merkins with backward run
  • Exercise 5 – 75 Crab Cakes (2 is 1) with crab walk
  • Exercise 6 – 150 Dips with Carioca
  • Exercise 7 – 100 Mountain Climbers (2 is 1) with broad jump
  • Exercise 8 – 60 Decline Merkins with side shuffle
  • Mary:
  • 20 Reverse Crunches IC
  • 15 Low Dolly’s IC
  • 10 American Hammers IC
  • 20 LBC’s IC
  • Recover Recover

Announcements: Canned goods being delivered to Zionsville Pres and Fishers site tomorrow. Charlotte (Sam and Anna Moody’s daughter) went home yesterday. She is still on a feeding tube and needs to progress in her sucking abilities (insert jokes about people who don’t need to progress here), but praise God!

Cot: For Paul (Nomad’s brother-in-law) for the loss of his father. For Serviceman Vogt for his service.

Moleskin: Didn’t hear a ton of negative mumble chatter, but half the PAX doing their down and back may have contributed to it. I’m sure Clancy and Snaphook not being there contributed to the lack zingers. Overall, the men got after it this morning. We all agreed running after calf raises (and vice versa) was less than enjoyable. YHC is grateful for the opportunity to come alongside such an impressive group of HIMs.

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