Weather…mid 30’s, light breeze, cold enough to make a pax regret wearing shorts

Pax reporting…Kitty (Co-Q), DC, Commodore, Polesitter, Wrigley (Co-Q)

Welcome, Disclaimer, 5 Core Principles


Weed Pickers IC x 10

Windmills IC x 10

Butt Kickers

High Knees

Motivator from 6 (silent from 5 down; ended together so no punishment)

The Thang

Mosey around path to building in center of baseball diamonds.

Partner up – P1 on wall, P2 out to edge of pavement & back, switch positions & repeat, rotate to next station.  4 stations.  Completed 2 rounds.

1. wall sit & bear crawl 

2. Balls to wall & butt kickers

3. Frozen hook-up & lunge walk

4. High plank (feet on wall) & high knees

Mosey to shelter.  Pax group up and pick up a picnic table.  Collectively perform 10 OH presses with table.  Carry table around shelter.  Rotate one position around table. Collectively perform 10 curls with table.

Mosey to planter.  Step ups on landscaping wall ICx15, switch lead off leg and repeat.

Move to parking lot.  Motivator from 10 for Q’s 2.1’s 10th bday.


LBCs IC x 51 (because 50 is too easy)

Freddy Mercury IC x 10

Butterfly Big Boy Situps OYO x 10

Flutter Kicks IC x10

Recover Recover


Moleskin: Five pax returned after the inaugural beatdown on Tuesday to properly name the AO. YHC came in hot at 0529.50. Kitty led us on a less wet tour of the park including the baseball diamond complex and the lighted shelter. Exercises with the picnic table were interesting given the significant height discrepancy among the five pax. Kitty confirmed the disclaimer had been made and we pushed through without dropping it. YHC embedded a motivator from 6 in the warm-up. Kitty felt that wasn’t enough and added another motivator from 10. Great input on Slack about potential AO names. We reviewed all of those names and really wanted to find something that expressed the park as an original part of Fishers and also incorporate the circle element of the park. Polesitter came up with “Ground 0” (Zero). In true parliamentary fashion, the motion was passed unanimously. Teddy Bear, start designing a logo! Week number one in the books. 23 total pax, one named FNG, and one downrange pax reported. Flags were carried. Shoes got wet. Backs got dirty. Bears were crawled. Burpees were rocketed. Tears of joy were shed. The future of this AO is bright. Keep giving it away.

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