Wednesday April 14, 2021; Weather 43 and eerily somber







Pew Pew

Boucher QIC





Crabby Po


Chris FNG



  • Maestro C.A.P. lap
  • Motivator x10
  • Nipple Tweakers x10
  • Moroccan Nightclubs x10
  • Grass pickers x10


Mosey with block bottom of stairs.

  • Stair Suicide with block
    • 3 blockees every time Pax touches ground floor

Mosey with block to entrance of Wizard Sleeve loop

  • 5 blockees at entrance and exit of sleeve

Mosey to base of Caboose Mountain

  • 5 blockees
  • Murder bunny up mountain
  • Top of mountain genuflect to the All-Knowing Weenie Oracle aka no surrender with blocks x6
  • Leave Troll Toll (block) at feet of Weenie and head back on the reverse journey repeating work outs

Once back to bottom of stairs R&R without block

Steal coupon back from the Weenie’s troll then mosey back to flags


Big Sexy

  • Monkey humper ring of fire x10
  • Gorilla humper ring of fire x10
  • Pickle pointer OYO x10
  • Pickle pounder OYO x10



A beautiful spring morning brought many PAX, including an FNG, out of their fester sacks to join the Q on an incredible journey.  PAX early groans over a simple motivator made the Q question the decision to bring them along on the adventure but decided to just ignore the weakness spewing from their voice boxes. Once the group made it to the starting spot of the journey they were filled with obvious excitement and joy to proceed through the stair forest, around the Wizard Sleeve canyon, up Caboose Mountain, and to the feet of the all-knowing Weiner Oracle who shared the secret to life once the PAX paid the toll to his Troll. The very unsatisfying secret of “stop fartsacking, eat better, and drink more Gatorade” did little to motivate the PAX to make the long journey back empty handed.  Once back to home base the Q gave a historical rallying speech to surge energy into PAX for a return journey to capture back the coupons that felt lost and waisted.  The R&R journey was successful, and the spoils of the victory resulted in PAX receiving a big sexy Mary.  Despite the lack of life altering answers from the Oracle, the PAX were left with a great story, a lifetime of memories, and a pretty good sweat. All in all F3 Frankfort enjoyed a morning of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith reminding us all that God is great!

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