10 Pax posted for a prisoner themed beat down on a calm 34 degree morning– Boucher, Stache, Piper, Daisy, Pew-Pew, Crabby-Po, Humdinger, Bubblicious, Chris-FNG(Latte), Sliot-QIC

Warm Up:

Arm Circles Forward and Back x15IC + Arm StretchesOYO

Abe Vigodas x10IC

Tempo Squats X10IC + Calf/Hip stretches OYO

Slowsy with blocks to Bob Sanders

Thang 1: Prisoners

Pax traversed back and forth down Bob Sanders, alternating between prisoner indian run and regular indianruns. At the east end of BSD, PAX alternated between air squats and prisoner squats (x20 OYO). At the west end of BSD, PAX completed various amounts of No Surrenders (IC).

Thang 2: Andy Dufresne

PAX lined up shoulder to should in front of the pool house- about an arm’s length between each PAX – dropping down to a plank on their blocks.  PAX at the end of the line leaves his block and bear crawls to the other end of the line. Meanwhile the PAX still in plank begin one-armed pull-throughs of the block through the “tunnel” so it meets back up with its PAX on the opposite end. Rinse and repeat attempting to get from the pool house all the way back to the flags/CAP tip.


Heavy Freddies x20IC, Heavy Box Cutters x10IC, Heavy Outlaws x10IC, Hello Dolly until time

Name-O-Rama, COT


YHC modified a previously used winky for the beat down today.  Q stuck with his promise to the FNG of no block work being done overhead – the Andy Dufresne work *technically* met this requirement. Several PAX were thankful that this beat down did not include story time but their attitudes were slightly changed as they realized that just meant more running and No Surrenders. Several theories discussed regarding a rare Jay-Z fart sack, with possibility of a new term depending on the reason for said FS.  Much to the surprise of several PAX the name-o-rama was fairly mild mannered –Q was both happy and jealous. Regardless, we welcome Latte to our ranks!

Prayers to all involved in the tragedy in Indianapolis this morning. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

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