7:00 @ The Hill for the National Cheeseball Day Ruck. That is right, today is National Cheeseball Day. National Cheeseball Day celebrates both the ingredient filled dip style cheeseball as well as the cheeseball puff. We celebrated National Cheeseball Day by carrying barrels of cheeseballs throughout the ruck with a Warm Glow of activities. It was 41 degrees with a beautiful sunrise to begin the day. 9 PAX at The Hill and a birthday celebration. Cheeseball was unable to Q on this special day. Warm Glow was to pick up the Q, but was unable to due to the need to travel. In honor of both, they were incorporated into the morning’s events.

5 core principles, disclaimer, and wrapped up with COT.

  1. Puzzler
  2. Snooki
  3. Stiches
  4. Jeeves
  5. Khaki
  6. Ringo
  7. Bumble Bee (Birthday Boy)
  8. Snitches
  9. Bubble Bath

The 2.24 mile ruck included W.A.R.M. G.L.O.W. activities that included carrying Cheeseball Barrels during the entire ruck. A rotation of barrels was completed during activity stops.

  1. Weed pickers – 10 IC
  2. Arm circles – 10F/10B IC
  3. Randys – 15 IC
  4. Mountain Climbers – 20 IC
  5. Gorilla humpers – 10 IC
  6. Lunges – 20 OYO, 1 is 1, 10 per leg
  7. Overhead claps – 11 IC
  8. Wave of merkins – 1 to 5 around the circle

Recover Recover

Plenty of mumble chatter during the ruck as most of our activities were roadside for the viewing pleasure of passer byers. Something was mentioned of possible cult-like appearances as we began the ruck with a Zamp carry of the cheeseball barrels. The most interesting roadside activities were the Randys and the Gorilla Humpers. Limited F3 apparel was exposed during these activities. Bubble Bee proudly completed an additional 23 merkins upon request to mark his 23rd year on the earth. I am pretty sure that this was at the request of Ringo.

Continued prayer requests for Amelia and her family. Amelia is a 4 year old who is being treated for a heart condition. Prayers for the Licht family (my in-laws). Roscoe Licht (my M’s grandfather) passed away last night. He was 100 years old and was surrounded by family when he passed. Runner Up led the family in prayer as Roscoe passed last night.

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