60 and windy at Grizzly.  2 Pax reporting. Quick, DC, Coyote (Q) 

*** Warm Up ***

  • SSH IC X20
  • Imperial Walkers IC X15
  • Arm Circles IC X20
  • Weed Pickers IC x10

*** The Thang ***

Walking PT Test Study Session to get ready for the PT Test next week.  Walk around the park and every minute switch to one of the PT Test exercises.

  • Zamp Walk 1 minute
  • KB Swings for 1 minute
  • Zamp Walk 1 minute
  • Curls for 1 minute
  • Shoulder carry 1 minute
  • Goblet Squats for 1 minute
  • Shoulder carry 1 minute
  • Overhead Press for 1 minute
  • Farmer Carry (2 Blocks) – one pax carry both blocks and then switch
  • Block Merkins for 1 minute
  • Carry Block any way 1 minute
  • 8 Count Man Makers for 1 minute 

Rinse and repeat all exercises for 30 second duration

*** Mary ***

  • LBC’s IC X20
  • Low Dollys IC X20
  • Flutter Kicks IC X20
  • Gas Pumps IC X20


*** COT ***

Prayers for Quick’s daughters cut hand and for DC’s cut hand.  Prayers for DC’s father who has been ill.  Prayers for guidance to DC as he contemplates a career change.  Prayers for my Dad as he starts his new life without my mother.

*** Moleskin ***

Glad to take over the Q for Owl Bear tonight.  As usual DC was Coming in Hot.  He found us as we were circling the park.  Good to able to spend some time getting to know Quick and DC better.  Had quite a bit of interest from others in the park.  Hopefully some FNG’s in the future.  Other PAX were impressed that a groupie at the shelter that yelled out to YHC.  (One of M’s friends)  Thanks for everyone that reached out to me after my mothers passing.  Thanks for being HIM’s.

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