8 PAX in attendance on this warm 42 degree morning.

Crabby Po, Sliot, Jay-Z, Bubblicious, Humdinger, Boucher, Pew Pew, and Stache (QIC)


Cap lap, grass pickers IC, calf stretches, hammy stretch, quad stretches, Willy Maze Hayz, any other leg stretches oyo

Batwing x15, Arm stretches, overhead tricep stretch, chest stretch, back stretch.


Long mosey to the tennis courts while searching for alleged pull up bars on the perimeter of the park. Passed on any pull-ups due to shortness of the bars.

Dora Style workout. One partner completes suicide on the tennis court while the other works up the count on each exercise:

50 half burpees, 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBC’s

Run laps on the tennis court until all PAX completed the modified Dora.

Mosey back to the Happy Place.


Leg Climbers 10 each leg, 15 WWII sit-ups, 10 Heels to Heavens IC, 10 V-Up Roll-Ups, recover.


Plenty of good mumble chatter to start the week. Warmer weather seems to have the PAX in good spirits when starting each beatdown. Tomorrow’s snow and 29 degree morning will be sure to fix that, as well as please the farmer in the group itching to plant.

Disappointed in Pipers fart sack this morning. He got the Q excited about a potential “new” apparatus in the park to utilize and was hoping he could show it to us. Instead we had to go on a journey to find them ourselves (thankfully with Crabby Po as our guide), only to find these pull up bars are low to the ground and run downhill….

Cheers to some good news this morning with Bubblicious’s Dad crushing his first two treatments, appearing to do as good or better than expected. Continued prayers that it continues. If not, Bubblicious vows to grow his mustache out in hopes of moral support. Of course he won’t be able to join Boucher for any more peeping then. Mustache is a dead giveaway for the authorities.

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