Tuesday, 420. Weather cool and dry (~40). 6 Pax posted: Clancy, Wilson, Odyssey, Cheeseball, Pickles, Beater (Q). Disclaimer and core principles given.

Warmup: token 8 Abe Vigodas. Indian run to the bottom of the stairs from Monon trail underpass up to City Center with Cindy (Cindy passed from front guy to back. When back guy gets it, runs to front and passes back. R/R)


HIM-timed TABATA raffle (work interval length is set by how long it takes that interval’s “Timer” to complete his exercise). For each interval, the Timer draws an exercise from the Timer cup, and the first pax in line draws an exercise from the Group cup. Group and Timer start at same time, and each pax does as many reps as possible until Timer gets back. During 15 count between intervals, next pax steps up to be Timer, and new exercises drawn. Keep rinse and repeating until time to mosey back to circle.

Timer exercises:
_ 2x: Frog climb up stairs, crawl-bear down
_ Sprint up stairs, across City Center, down far stairs, and back through tunnel
_ broad jump up stairs, over to terrace, down terrace
_ crawl bear up and down stairs
_ block zamp carry up and down stairs
_ one legged calf raises up and down stairs (L+R on each step)
_ climb terrace bear crawl over to stairs and back down

Group exercises:
_ burpees
_ tuck jumps
_ hand release merkins
_ clapping merkin
_ box cutter
_ Bonnie Blair
_ American hammer

Mosey back to circle, taking turns zamp carrying block. Non-carriers mosey/lunge. Recover recover.

Group (including YHC) noticed that burpees seemed to get drawn for the group more frequently than other movements, despite Q’s insistence that he hadn’t stuffed the raffle box Some expert trolling by Pickles, a couple face plants on the the double-clapping pushup competition, extreme discomfort from Clancy on jay-bear crawling that was quickly rectified by Q (but only after Clancy’s initial offense)(also, glad Clancy wasn’t there that day Snaphook, Nomad, Biscuit and I broadjumped across City Center like 20 times). In the end, Pickles had corrupted Cheeseball, Odyssey had corrupted the raffle process by just picking whatever the hell he wanted to do as Timer, and Wilson had heroically crawl beared up the stairs (which had actually been dropped in the cup halfway as a joke? Props to the fellas who drew it and ran with it). Great time with you guys as always! Prayers for DC and Pontoon 19 and their families, the Sharp family (brick from the memorial), and for Clancy and all the kiddos in school today, that they stay safe.

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