Pax: Cornwallis, Proximity, EC, & Square (Q)
Disclaimer + F3 Core Principles

Side Straddle Hop x25 IC
Imperial Walkers x10 IC
Kick with Twist x15 IC
Weed Pickers x 10 IC
Quad stretch

Warm Up run
Mosey around the parking lot and grab a block and head to the playground by the school.

1st Round: with the Block
“Spring” clean n jerk x20
Straight arm block raises x20
Plank pose alternating reach for the sky (2 is 1) x20
Mosey around the soccer field

2nd Round: by the swings
Pullups (“V” ups alternating pull up to the right, then pull up to the left) x10
Lat pullups with the swings x20
Side plank pulses x20 each side
Mosey around the soccer field

3rd Round: with the block again
Chest press x20
Merkins x30
Mountain climbers IC (x30count)
Mosey around the soccer field

4th Round: combo of previous 3 rounds
“Spring” clean n jerk x15
Lat pullups with the swings x15
Merkins x15
Mosey back for Mary.

American Hammer x15 IC
Recover Recover!

In the 40s and it was supposed to rain or snow or something like that. Indiana weather I guess. haha…
Mumble chatter on the soccer field about the rather large divots that make it possible to roll an ankel. we need a steam roller to flatten those out.
Planned for convergence May 1st with 2.0’s during coffee at Panera after the beatdown!

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