Thursday, 4/22: 10 pax posted to the Hill on a nice dry, 36deg morning. Headlock (welcome back!), State, Optimus, Odyssey, Bumblebee, Cheeseball, Snookie, Faceoff, Teddy Bear, Beater (Q).

Peter Parker Pickle Pounders
Grass Grabbers
Village Persons

Mosey down to lower parking lot

Line up along parking space line for a variety of suicides. Total “basketball court” ~125ft long stretching between two lampposts, with cones set up at start, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and end of “court”. Shuttle between the lines suicide-style using listed “movement” exercise, with X reps of “stationary” exercise at each cone:

_Sprint run/15 regular merkins
_Bear crawl/10 low dollies
_Sprint run/10 wide merkins
_Broad jumps/5 WWII situps
_Sprint/5 diamond merkins
_lunge/5 squats

Killer work by the pax this morning. This one was largely mental, especially with the long bear crawls and broad jumps (not to mention 240 total merkins and gawd knows how many lunges). Great to have Headlock back, even if he’s so stubborn that he didn’t modify a lick of the bearcrawl. Also, will be sad to see State and Snookie move to the French Riviera after becoming newly wealthy off Faceoff’s financial advice. Good job today everyone making it hurt.

Prayers for Faceoff’s M as she battles back issues.

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