4-22-21  34* 2wmph

PAX x3  Kitty Cat, Zamboni, DC (Q)

Mumblechatter, Disclaimer, Principles


-Motivator from 5

-Weed Pickers w Clap (this warmup is suppose to loosen YOUR hips as well as your legs sooooo when you come ALL THE WAY UP, push your hips all the way forward)



Mosey in Cadence to the soccer field, then to playground for pullups

-oyo pullups till failure

-oyo chinups till failure

~4 Cycles to Remember~

At the soccer goal  —  Merkins x20

Run to the Light

First Light —  Squats x9

Run to the Light

Second Light — DC Scissors x11

Run to Goal

At the soccer goal –Merkins x20

*Rinse and Repeat-Down and Back is One Round

MOSEY TO SNACK SHACK (it was closed unfortunately)

-Balls to the Wall (BTW) with Chicken Peckers x11

-Wall Sit  x~1minute

-Wall Planks – Feet start at the fourth Cindy from the bottow, then to Cindy #3, then to the #2, then to my #1 Cindy!!  For~30secs each

-Wall Sit with Shoulder Pretzels and Cherry Pickers

-Dirty Hookups x10  Z went last lol


-DC Scissors x all of them


-Z’s daughter and scheduling social time, sister-in-law with breast cancer at 34

-DC’s gut and love life…..


This was my first Q at Ground Zero so this was the Never Forget bootcamp…we started our Mosey in Cadence to the fields which was something that Id never done before, ill improve my cadence for future Qs…..the soccer goals are not suitable for pullups so Z directed us to the playground where we have multiples places to get stronger…..Q was losing his mind and his phone and his keys aaaaaand his sanity……

9/11 was a day that day that will never be forgotten and we honor all of the military and civilians that died in the muslim attack.

 Flying the American flag at every workout should remind us of the freedoms that we have and the sacrifices that were made on our behalf.


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