27 degrees on this snowy late April Spring Morning. 9 PAX braves the weather- Piper, Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, Boucher, Stache, Sliot, Bubblicious, Ariel, Daisy-QIC


  • Sprinkler lunges- 10IC
  • Tempo Squats- 15IC
  • Stretch arms OYO
  • Hand release merkins- 15IC
  • Stretch legs OYO
  • Crossover pec stretch- 30 sec each

Thang- Tortoise and Hare- 3 tires with straps, 2 40lbs rucks were shared between partners with an odd man rucking with a group. While one partner pulled tire or rucked around the petting zoo, other partner completed reps of exercise- ran to catch up and flap jacked until time for Mary. Exercises were as followed:

  • Burpees- 5 reps (50 total)
  • Outlaws- 10 reps (100 total)
  • Merkins- 15 reps (150 total)
  • Big boys- 20 reps (200 total)
  • Squats- 25 reps (250 total)

Mary: Bruce Lees- 3 rounds, 20, 20, 10 reps

Moleskin: Hard to believe that we had a couple inches of snow as we are nearing the end of April, but that didn’t stop the valiant return of Ariel!!!! Good morning chatter about what or who performs each PAX wake-up calls. As we progressed to the main events, chatter slowly dissipated. As the group reconvened for Mary grumbling became evident, and the third round of Bruce Lee’s produced some groans. During the COT several PAX expressed their disgust in YHC choice for the workout- hate may have even been used- but all were grateful for the leg burn and being pushed in a new way, as this was a first tortoise and the hare for several PAX. The beautiful mumbling was music to YHC’s ears. We won’t wait as long to revisit this again. As we discussed current events- prayers were asked for the right message to be heard and that we not let media muddle what we all truly need to be focusing on. It is becoming more evident that our COT is just as important to each of us as the workout is. Men supporting and encouraging men is needed now more than ever. Great effort today by all. Looking forward to a Friday beat down from Jay-Z. You guys don’t want to miss it!

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