11 men posted for a Friday beat down in 36° weather.


Maestro lap

Grass Pickers ICx15

Reach Around ICX15

Skaters ICX15

Abe Vigodas ICX10


Shoulder pretzels ICX20

Clock merkins: plank, rotate to 3 o’clock and do 3 merkins, rotate to 6 o’clock and do 6 merkins, rotate to 9 and 12 doing appropriate merkins


3 stations around the triangle. #1 at the flag/sand volleyball court, #2 at the restroom, #3 at the shelter house.

At station #1: 20 lateral box jumps and dragging tractor weights at the volleyball court

At station #2: 50 jump ropes and 15 kettle bell Swings

At station #3: 5 medicine ball slams and 20 dips


Pickle pounders ICX15

Pickle pointers ICX15

Flutter kicks ICX20

Hello Dolly ICX15


Our morning started off with a potential FNG on a moped. After a short time he sped away leading several PAX to wonder if it was Wapner. The theory is that Vegas wasn’t very kind and he gambled his Escalade away. At any rate, it hurt to see him speed off without so much as a Hello. Mumble was scattered as the PAX were dispersed among the stations. The consensus was that dragging tractor weights through the sand was a fun change of pace and a good leg burn. This conversation lead to many accusations that yours truly had promised an arm heavy workout. This claim was determined to be unfounded. Mary brought out an “Aloha” but QIC was too far away to decipher what prompted the safe word. QIC, however, was not too far away to experience what happened next. Latte, who up to this point had said maybe 2 words, let out a blast with power and stench never heard or smelled before. After Boucher had commented prior to his arrival that he felt rather gassy this morning, he was left speechless (and breathless) at Latte’s demonstration. The aftermath left Boucher running away with his tail between his legs and the rest of us running for our gas masks. It should also be noted that Bubblicious kept his streak alive and has made another case for his need of a toilet seat. Another great morning capped with a surprise visit from Gasman. We all prayed for him and his fellow officers as they are going through a difficult time nation wide. See you all Monday.

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