Weather: 37F, not quite freezing, calm, overcast

Welcome: Free of charge, open to all men, outdoors rain or shine, peer led, ends in circle of trust

Disclaimer (not professional, me/F3/Lyons Intl./Zionsville, USA), modify, carry you to your car, ETC.


Side straddle hops x 20 (IC), Weed pickers x 10 (IC), Abe Vigotas x 10 (IC), Kick with twist x 10 (IC), Is Ys Ts x 5 each (IC)


Mosey to card deck and chalk board that explains “rules” of F3 Poker

Rules: F3 deck is used to flip 3 exercise cards and 1 rep card

Number of reps unless otherwise specified on the exercise card:

If number card, Reps = card number + 10

If royal, Reps = 25

If Ace, Reps = 100

OYO or IC determined by Q

Active recovery after each round

Q has absolute power to adjust the rules as he sees fit

Round 1: HR Merkin x 12 OYO, Bear Crawl around loop, Merkin x 12 OYO

Round 2: Monkey humper x 17 IC, Plank jack x 17 IC, Diamond merkin x 17 OYO

Round 3: Low, slow squat, SSH, Shoulder taps x 14 IC

Round 4: Freddy Mercury x 13 IC, Ranger merkin x 13 OYO, 400m sprint

Round 5: Rosalita and Mtn. climber x 25 IC, Merkin x 25 OYO

Round 6: High, slow flutter kick x 10 IC, calf raise x 25 IC, Wojo squat x 25 OYO

Round 7: American hammer x 17 IC, Squat x 17 OYO, Lunge walk around loop

Round 8: Wide arm merkin x 12 OYO, High knee x 12 IC, Standing lunge 2=1 x 12 OYO

Round 9: Flutter kick x  14 IC, Incline merkin x 14 OYO, Butt kick x 14 IC


LBC’s x 20 IC, Low Dolly x 15 IC, Pretzel crunch x 10 each side IC, Flutter kicks x 15 IC American Hammer x 15 IC

Recover, Recover


The only mumble chatter YHC heard was something about a left testicle. Otherwise YCH was highly focused on our game of chance and calling much cadence. We welcomed FNG now called Toto. YHC felt that the F3 deck of cards (available for purchase on the F3 Nation website) was an excellent way to introduce F3 to the FNG as it provided a wide range of F3 style exercises and jargon commonly used in the gloom.

Continued prayers for Pickles’ family as they recover from illness. Prayers for our veterans who risked their lives for our freedom.

Always an honor to lead. Aye!

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