7 PAX at grizzly on Apr. 23. Cloudy skies and 38 degrees. Perfect morning for a gathering in the gloom.

As usual, grizzly is a location to share your best jokes. There was talk of monkeys, bananas, and what monkeys do with their bananas. It got inappropriate.

Warm up
SSH x20
Weed pickers x10
Windmills x10

Multiple exercises with 3 burpees in between each
Imperial Walkers x15
Hillbilly Walkers x15
Tin Soldier x15
Arm Circles & Reverse Arm Circles
Raise the roof

Mosey to the swings and split into 2 teams
Teams rotate between swerkins and moseying to the grizzly to bear crawl under and back.
Teams switch when the bear crawl team gets back to the swings
We did 4 total rounds and that was enough of that

Mosey to the basketball court for Michigans (as described by Pappy, because they suck) Also known as suicides.
5 rounds of Michigans with exercises in between
LBC x30
Lunges x30
Squats x30
Big boy sit ups x30

Cool down mosey to the parking lot and circle up for around the horn Mary
Flutter kicks x25
American hammers x25
LBC x25
Cosmos x25
Low plank
Low dolly x25
High dolly/Rosalita x25

Finished up on a merkin relay. Fun was had by all.

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