16 Pax upper 40s, calm clean air

Disclaimer and principles stated

Chose your own adventure, those that wanna ruck go for it. Those that wanna play Ultimate frisbee we have that as well.

Ruckers went in their way. Ultimate players decided to play on the lot rather than go over to the grass field.

We had a taste of the order and movements performed in MURPH. Thus was a very miniscule piece of the actual workout as we ran less than 100 yards, followed by 3 rou ds if 5 Ausie pull ups, 10 Merkins, 15 air squats, then ran again. Teams spit and we played ultimate. No MVP stated, we are all legends in our own minds. Cot is cot, no major new announcements. Everyone who has NOT Qed yet is challenged to do so soon.

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