Weather: 43 degrees and bright from the full moon

10 Pax: Carrot Top, Headlock, Wilson, Spud, Morpheus, Motorboat, Logger, Biscuit, State, CheeseBall (Q)

5 Core Principals and disclaimers given,

Thang: Runners ran 4.25 miles and Ruckers rucked 2.45

Moleskin: Disclaimer and core principles took just long enough to allow Wilson to park after pulling into the parking lot on 2 wheels. Runners were off, and the ruckers went off in the same direction. Headlock continued to get to know some of the newer pax that have been coming since he left for his surgery. Love starting the week off like this!

Announcements/COT: Convergence on Saturday, it is 2.0 friendly. PT test at The Hill on Friday

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