5 pax posted on a clear 39 degree morning.  Ariel, Bubblicious, Slit, Stache, and Piper (QIC)

Warm up:
Maestro lap
Sprinkler- IC x 20
Grass pickers- IC x 20
Motivator from 10
Leg stretch- OYO
Navy seal burpees x 5 OYO
Arm stretch- OYO

Single leg squat x 25 each leg
Calf raise squats x 30 sec
Reverse grip chin-up
Skater lunge x 25 reps each leg
Wall squat x 90 sec
Wide front pull up
Step back lunge x 15 each leg
Alt side lunge x 24 reps total
Close grip pull up
Single leg squat wall squat 90 sec
Deadlift squat x 20 reps each leg
Switch grip pull up
Three way lunge – 30 reps
Sneaky lunge x 20 reps
Reverse grip chin-up
Chair salutation 2 reps 30 sec hold

Bruce Lee (20 hammer, 20 leg raises, 20 lbc’s, 20 heel touches, 20 crunchy frog, 100’s)
Vup roll up x 12
Flutter kicks- IC x 50
Big boys x 10

Moleskin: Q thought that this morning was going to be a tripod workout, fortunately two more pax joined. It is probably my penance for being inconsistent on Monday’s. Q had planned on 23 exercises, time only allowed for 16 to be completed. We are all looking forward to the response Mr. Boucher gives Mr. Ariel when the weasel shaker gets shaken this morning. Also learned that Slit will try anything once, just as long as he can go last. We tried our best to mimic the Jay-Z grunt this morning, the park worker that was in earshot of us this morning probably thinks we have issues.

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