11 Pax at The Hill in low 60s super moonlit gloom.

Pax: Genie, Snooki, Snitches, Bumblebee, Cheeseball, Khaki, Headlock, Face Off, Biscuit, Optimus, and State (Q)

Warm-Up: Weedpickers x 15, Abe Vigoda x 13, and Motivator x 5


Indian Run to west lot for some relay races in teams of 3 or 4. Switch exercises when the move Pax gets back

Race #1: Sprint the lot/squats/burpees 2 laps each teammate

Race #2: Bear crawl/HR Merks/shoulder taps

Race #3: Broad jumps/BB sit-ups/Freddy Mercury

Mosey to rock pile by the shed

  1. Curls x 25IC
  2. Squats x 30?
  3. Presses
  4. Rock swings
  5. Squat thrusters

Wall sit and pass Khaki’s pebble back and forth 2x

Run up and down the stairs and do 5 burpees on our way to the Fishbowl

11s at the Fishbowl–Pull ups and Merks

Mosey over near the big hill. Lunge walk down it and run hard up it

Mary: LBCs x 30IC, one arm plank on each arm for about a minute

Recover, Recover

Moleskin: What a great morning and the sun was putting on a show during Mary! Spring is truly in the air as it was short shorts and t-shirt weather for a lot of us. Naturally, Snooki was still in his 40 degree gear! YHC was trying to keep it moving and didn’t hear much mumble chatter from the hard running Pax. Cheeseball(s) didn’t love his options when he saw that notorious runners Logger had the Q at the Vet and YHC had The Hill. But in true HIM fashion he picked his poison and was leading the charge up the big Hill dash at the end of the beatdown–way to lead from the front! If you haven’t taken a Q at the Hill you are missing out–the beatdown options are endless.

Prayers for a safe and relaxing vacation for Snooki and his family–make sure and wear plenty of layers down there in the panhandle!!! And prayers for Snooki’s buddy and future FNG who is dealing with health problems.

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