Breezy 66 degree morning with 7 PAX in attendance. Ariel, Sliot, Pew Pew, Wapner, CrabbyPo, Boucher, Bubblicious(QIC) 


Cap Lap, downward dog, Warrior I, Recling Big Toe, Crescent Pose, Pigeon Pose

THANG: Dora Jenkins . 

Rnd 1:

50 Block Swings

100 Berkins

200 Calf Raises

Rnd 2:

50 Thrusters

100 Lawn Mowers

200 Chest Press

Rnd 3:

50 Block Over Burpees

100 Curl

200 Step Ups

*At the conclusion of each round, run Bermuda Triangle until all pairs complete the movements. 
**Leeroy Jenkins has entered the BlackCat AO. . See F3 Exicon for full description.


Jim Braddock’s x21 IC 

30-Sec Plank Complex(modified to 15sec due to time constraints)

MOLESKIN: The warmup was a little different as Q did his best yoga instructor impersonation. Much room for improvement. Hairy yoga instructors never seem to last long.  

 The Leeroy Jenkins twist added to the Thang did not disappoint this morning. Many laughs were had in the midst of the set-imposed suffering. It was agreed the number of Leeroy’s completed could have been dangerously higher had other PAX been in attendance. The warm weather brought high spirits and even warmer mumblechatter post COT. 

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