April 29, 2021  60* w Heavy Rain

8 PAX PVC, BumbleBee, Headlock, Snitches, ACE, FNG Denvon Love, Snookie, DC (Q)



The Thang

Seal Merkins 

Sumo Squats 

DC Scissors 

Wide Merkins

Single Leg Lunges

Alternating Flutter Kicks

Diamond Merkins

Alternating Flutter Kicks

Planks w stress positions

On your gut Superman and Snowangles

Mike Tyson Merkins 

Short Mozy

Mole Skin

  LYCAB is Lock Your Core and Breath which is an OG phrase from Cosmo……so I stole it….Im glad he kept his pants on ……Well, I had a killer Q put together but the cold rain put us in the fishbowl.  Sooo I improvised the Q trying to rotate between upper body, Abs and Lower body…there was enough mumblechatter by PAX to let me know that I was doing alright…..But, idr the rep count and order of exercises but it was a good time in the gloom….I got to see Headlock, PVC and BumbleB for the first time in a while and I got to meet new PAX which is always encouraging to see others experience all of F3….had coffee with PVC afterwards….thankfully the barista knew about F3 and FiA so being drenched in sweat and rain wasnt a big deal….

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