F3 Dad’s at The Pit

Pax: Square, Oliver, Coyote, Roadrunner, Quick, Knee-high, Splaturski, Raptor, Logger, Pikachu, Curly, Roundoff, Nomad, Khaki, Tulip, Sarge, Who Dat, Biscuit, Gravy, Spud, Hanson, Ace, Pickles, Marshall, Marshmallow, Wilson, Shredder, Hotslice, Pontoon19, Bumblebee, Smalls, Proximity, Trax, Lioness, Kitty, Herbie, Branch, Cheese Whiz, PVC, Little Bisquit, Cheeseball, Headlock, Hiney, State, Blue, Snitches, Cornwallis

Core Principles

SSH – Cornwallis
Whacky Jacks – Square
Kick with Twist- Proximity
Weedpicker- Proximity

Mosey to the field at the school

Count off by 4.

Round 1:

Team 1 and 2 go with Square

Team 3 and 4 go with Cornwallis:
Tug-o-War (kids vs kids, pax vs pax, all vs all)
Obstacle course on playground

Switch: Teams 1 and 2 come to CW and 3 and 4 go to Square

Round 2:

Relay race with Cornwallis
Duck walk to the first cone, broad jump to the second cone, kick the soccer ball in the goal, sprint back

Merkin Relay with Proximity

Round 3:

Trash pickup service project. Each team gets a trash bag and counts how much trash they pick up. Teams had 6 minutes to get as much trash as possible.

Team 2 won with over 375 pieces (something like that)
4 huge trash bags were collected in 6 minutes! Great job!

Back to the parking lot for Mary

Flutter Kicks – Cornwallis
Gas Pumps – Square
Heals to Heaven- Proximity

Recover Recover!

-We were so excited to host everyone today! Thanks to all for coming out, even though it was a little chilly, we hope everyone had a great time!
-T-claps to Square and Proximity for getting out early to pick up food and set up. Also for leading different stations! It was a team effort and fun to highlight some of what the Pit offers.
-YHC barely got his head taken off in the soccer goal. A ball came wizzing by and knocked my hat off. After recovering from that scare I looked up to see who the culprit was. Headlock was sprinting back and I heard him bragging on how great of a shot he hit and laughing about how he almost took my head off. Great shot brother, good to have you back out! We love your spirit, joy, and energy.
-Lots of people were named today which was a lot of fun!

Proximity Moleskin thoughts. Amazing how much trash we picked up in 6 minutes and cool how a little competition can produce big results 1:02Fun to have a chance to model all 3 of the Fs in one day1:06Having the 2.0s around kind of brings F3 full circle in that one of the big whys for me is that i can get a workout in and be home before anyone is up so my workout doesn’t detract from family time. Today isn’t going to be the day the 2.0s appreciate that but at some point in their life they see that

Square Moleskin thoughts: It was really cool having 2.0’s there and to experience a different type of F3 workout. 
All the pax/dads were, as they always are, fun to hang out with, supportive and encouraging to everyone around. 
I had a great time and happy to be a part of it!

Until next time, keep EH’ing, Keep posting, and keep accelerating!


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