Weather: Cloudy, beautiful breeze and 70 degrees

Pax: Zoolander (Q)

Warm Up: Leg kicks 20 each Leg

Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Weed Pickers 20 IC

Tha Thing: 5 min ruck then 20 weighted Push ups

5 min ruck then 20 ruck over head press

5 min ruck 20 weighted pike push-ups

start at the end of the field-> incline weighted push ups

ruck to the other end->5 weighted burpees

ruck to the other end of the field-> weighted lunges the last 100 feet-> 20 incline weighted push-ups


40 LBC

3 sets of 15 gas pumpers

flutter kick and ruck press combo: 20 flutters/10 ruck press (repeat 3x)

American Hammers 2 sets of 20

Moleskin: It was great being back at OwlBear after a month long hiatus. I definitely need a lot of work to get back into some sort of shape (other than round!) Can’t wait to get back full force with my F3 brothers!!

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