Weather: Perfect until it wasn’t, then it was just wet and fun

5 PAX Posted – Snaphook, Tulip, Wilson, Pontoon 19, Clancy (Q)

Welcome, CORE, Disclaimer

10 Weed Pickers
Wrist Stretches for the bikers
7 Arm Circles forward
8 Arm Circles Backward
Frankenstein Walk

Snaphook and Tulip took to pedaling.
The rest of us took to running. Over 3 miles of interval with new sights to see.

YHC has no idea where Snaphook and Tulip went. But, they did return healthy and stronger. And their lights still worked. YHC was joined by Wilson and Tulip on a venture NW from the AO. Some sights and stories were new for this AO. Mumble included electricity, health, how snitches got his name, where it all began for the Clancy Fam (all in the same story), and we learned one resident to avoid in the great city of Carmel. A splashing grand finale made for a fun day. Good conversation, good company, and good workout. What more could anyone ask for?

Love you all!

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