Pax: Cornwallis, Square, Proximity (Q)

Weather: 64, calm, 92% humidity




Weed Pickers

Abe Vigoda

Little Baby Arm Circles

Reverse Little Baby Arm Circles

Star Wars Thang:

Core Day!

Mosey to each below Star Wars location

The Forest of Alderaan


Pax Choice: 30 Pullups or 40 Bulgarian Split Squats using the bench (2 is 1)

Western Reaches (of the Pit)

(Keystone Ave)

The Khaki Special aka Monkey humpers with your six facing Keystone

Core Worlds

(parking lot on Kessler)

V Leg Situps OYO

Star Side Plank for 45 seconds & flapjack

Plank Jacks IC

Wipers IC

The Planet of Kessel

(along Kessler Blvd)

Lunge almost all the way to Rural

Wild Space

(The Massive Parking lot on Rural)


Suicides in the parking lot using the light posts as turn around points. It is a very long parking lot


(Loading dock behind Staples)

1 Minute Low Plank hold

Imperial City

(top of the steps by Target)

Imperial Walkers IC

Deep Core


Hammers IC


Heels to Heaven IC

Recover Recover


Definitely not a Star Wars fan but fun one to plan. Always easy to get creative at the Pit. Was fun to get back out to the big parking lot and stretch the legs – I think Wild Space is a perfect name for it. Great 2nd F today sitting outside at Panera. The Force is strong with these HIMs!

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