Weather 64, beautiful

Pax: Biscuit, Pontoon-19, Motorboat, Spud, KC, PVC & Snaphook

Come in hot/Disclaimer/Cores

WarmO-Hillbillies, Seal Jacks, Tappy Taps, Rubber Bands & 1/2 mile Indian Run
Thang # 1. Partner up. I dip, you dip, we dips. p1 x20 dips while p2 holds static dip, flapjack then all together now…20 more dips.

Thang #2. new partners. p1 does exercise while p2 runs. accumulative 100 Smurf Jacks, 100 Stagger L Merkins & 100 Calf raises.

switch partners. same format, shorter run. 100 Stagger Merkins R, 100 Wipers over imaginary block, 100 prisoner squats.

slowsy to flags, switch partners. Howling Monkeys. partners do 5 burpees while other teams do monkey humpers, then next group of partners and so on until all 4 teams have done 5 burpees..

Mary: Belly Aiken Abs

The 100
10 X's & O's
20 WWII's oyo
30 20 Freddy Mercury's IC
40 10 Flutter Kicks IC
40 10 Side Leg raises (ea side) IC
30 LBC's IC 
20 Heels To Heaven IC 
10 Hello Dolly's IC 
The 100

recover recover, NameO, COT, picture time. Prayers for Larry, Ann, Clouseau/Family and Little Vera.

Moleskine: What a beautiful morning at The Tundra, they always have the best weather there. It started out rough as YHC underestimated the time necessary to make the 3.4 mile drive. 2 yellowish stoplights later I arrived with seconds to spare, then briefly lost phone while placing shovel flag. It got worse as the Indian run was a bit long. Pax extended grace to the guest Q and we got after it. good workout, pax switched partners frequently, much like Wrigley at a 90’s country line dance. YHC reminded pax to maintain high quality good form, & pax reminded the Q that good form is all they know at The Tundra. Q stayed with a ghost partner whose counting is a little questionable. great mumble chatter, & flatulence filled the skies as the pax made it through Mary. I ripped this Belly Aiken off my 1st post AO in NC, after 3 attempt I still haven’t quite done the whole thing, might need 12 minutes… Biscuit said he might try it at his next Q. Love you guys, have a great week- keep EH’ing!!! – Snaphook

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