9 PAX posted this morning in the gloom.  Weather was a bit brisk but favorable.


Boucher – QIC

Crabby PO








  • Maestro C.A.P. lap
  • Nipple Tweakers x10
  • Grass pickers x10
  • Batwing  x15

Thing 1

Mosey to basketball court for mountain climb training

  • 1 merkin run down walk back
  • 2 merkins run down then back
  • 3 merkins run down, back, down then walk back
  • Continue sequence to 8 merkins and laps
  • Climb back down mountain by reversing sequence starting from 8

Thing 2

Mosey to bottom of hill for climax climb up mountain

  • 1 merkin bear crawl up walk back
  • 2 merkins bear crawl up crawl bear down then bear crawl back up
  • 3 merkins bear crawl up crawl bear down bear crawl up then walk back down
  • Continue sequence to 6 merkins and climbs/descents

Mosey back to flag


  • Mountain climber ring of fire x30
  • Pickle pointer ring of fire x10



Despite the Qs lack of sleep prior to posting it was a hall of fame performance even with needing some help with terminology and counting during warm-o-rama. Taking a note out of the absent Piper’s usual winkie with the training aspect of the work out seemed to really prepare the Pax for the ultimate climb that followed.  The discovery that bear crawls up hill seem to stop PAX hip’s from lying was interesting and catchy.  Only downside of the effort output among the PAX was that they were not able to climb fast enough to reach the goal of 10 reps.  Practice makes perfect and there will be another day to try again.

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