Weather 39 and clear








Crabby PO


Wapner QIC



Welcome to the Jungle – a little stretching then mosey to Bob Sanders


Triple Triple Triple – 3 rounds of 3 exercises 3 times through (1 minute AMRAP)

Round 1: Merkins, Squats, LBCs – Completed to the sounds of Rush

Round 2: Butkis, Flutter Kicks, Curb Alberts – Completed to Tricky, Runnin’ Down a Dream, Here I Go Again

Round 3: Plank, LBACs, Lunges – Completed to Kickstart my Heart, Danger

Zone, The Final Countdown

Sudden Death: Chumbawambee’s (SSHs and burpees) – Completed to Tubthumping

Mosey back to flag

Dealers Choice Mary:

Box cutters IC x10

Crunchy frogs x20

Gas pumps IC x10

Pickle pounders IC x20

V up roll ups x10

Outlaws IC x10

Heels to heaven IC x5


Early comments about cold weather gear hanging on for another sub-40 morning and also pots and kettles trading jabs at each other. Jay-Z guessed correctly from the PB clue and the PAX were treated to IM’s legendary triple triple triple.

Quick stretch and short mosey (no cardio if possible) then right into it. Triple triple triple allows for plenty of mumblechatter, although with sweet 80s rock blaring it was tough to hear across the circle. Some discussion of the arrival of the yoga pants fad and Tom Brady themed women’s attire.

In Mary time Boucher made reference to one hit wonders then tried to call out a repeat of crunchy frogs but was quickly vetoed. He then in desperation tried to redeem himself by summoning Leeroy Jenkins but Leeroy was nowhere to be found. Maybe he’ll make an appearance next week.

YHC starting his 43rd trip around the sun today and no better way to do it than a little beatdown. 42nd trip was a little rough for everyone and had some particular challenges of my own, but this is a chance for a new start. Keep getting better and EHing new guys!

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