Posting Pax – Tulip, Slider, Cheeseball, Biscuit, Nomad, FNGx2 (Jason – Rename Requested), Wilson

The morning gloom at 43 degrees starter out well for this VQ with some questions and nervous jitters of excitement and angst of a new leader.

Started out with normal Cheeseball mumble chatter and warmups.

10 SSH
10 WP
10 Arm Circles
Frankenstein across the street (ala Clancy and Snaphook)

The group moseyed over to the parking garage for a little progressive poker. Cheeseball wanted to make it more difficult so chose to step in a few puddles along the way for some added weight!

We dealt a round of card per level from ground to penthouse with each drawing their own destiny from the deck.

35 Spades (mountain climbers)
85 Diamonds (lunges)
65 Clubs (burpees)
46 Hearts (murkins)
2 Jokers
- Slider selected 25 American Twists
-Tulip 5 HRM

On the roof, we laid out the hands and Slider had the surprising straight hot take the win!

Moseyed back for some light Mary,
20 WWO
10 Low Dolly
10 High Dolly
Low Plank (because Nomad loves it)



Thanks for support from Tulip, enjoyed my VQ.

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