13 pax, mid 60s

Fun fact Ossie Schectman credited for scoring the first basket in the basketball association of America, mater became the NBA.

Warm up
Walk on trail, backwards, slow side step shuffle, switch direction, knee hug walk, Frankenstein, on the jog to Wms outdoor classroom

Partners complete 500 rep chipper
1 partner runs backward up the hill, forward coming back
Other partner reps out exercises then they switch
1 set each exercise
Air squat, stationary lunge, bench step ups, Merkins, dips, shrugs, shoulder taps, big boy sit ups, plank to push ups
First place group gets to run back to get basketballs, an unplanned prize.

Run to WIS, split up and play basketball.

Run back for Mary

Mumble chatter was mostly focused on what the rep count was and which exercise is next. Lots of self deprecating comments on all out shots not going.

Note to self: remember to ask for feedback, work on leading in cadence, and make more buckets. It’s awesome to see FNGs and naming new Pax for 3 strait weeks at THE DEPOT! Welcome Toga! Great job men!

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