May 26, 2021 – Big EZ – Weather: calm, clear, humid, 70o F

9 PAX: Mullet, Ace, Beefsteak, Butterfly, Pickles, Beater, Receptor, Brickyard, Toto (VQ)

Welcome: Free of charge, open to all men, outdoors rain or shine, peer led, ends in COT

Disclaimer: (not professional, not responsible me/F3/Zionsville Pres, modify, carry you to your car)

Thang w/ Cindy:

Warmer – SSH IC x 20, Abe Vigodas IC x 10, Kick w/ Twist IC x 10, Weed Pickers IC x 10, Arm Circles 5 Forward 5 BackPart 1 –

Part 1 –

Zamp Down to Lower lot

  1. Curls IC x 10
  2. Squats IC x 10
  3. Overhead Press IC x 10
  4. Forward Lunge IC x 20

Repeat 4x

Circuits 2 and 3 were individual exercise followed by SSH and Plank until every PAX was done.

Part 2 (partners)-

  • 100 cumul. Merkins / partner Farmer Carries
  • 100 Cumul. Weighted Calf Raise / partner Bear Crawls


  • Freddie Mercury IC x 20
  • LBC IC x 10
  • American Hammer IC x 25
  • Plank 1:30


Pax made aware of Murph with the Vet on the 31st as well as encouraged to sign up for GrowRuck with St. Louis in July.

Moleskin: Pax were very supportive of aggressive VQ. Mumblechatter included references to Happy Gilmore, Harry Potter and others. Discovered that Mullet occasionally partied with Sandler and crew back in Syracuse which automatically won him coolest of the day award. Brickyard saw through Q’s plan to make beatdown so painful that every other PAX would sign up instead. Conquered together with High heart rates all around. Pleasure to lead this group of men.

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