17 Pax upper 60s, clear sky

Pregame cars were parked in our usual spot so the decision was made to move the game to the other lot. Tulip took his usual Wed 1 mile loop and threw in 100 air squats

Warm ups weed pickers and squats
Teams split and punishment set at 5 snow angles
Defensive first half well played by both teams. Second half green team lacked defense with a combo of no jerseys cranking up their offense.

Mumble chatter: something something by Clancy and a new Cultureter club he plans to start, not sure what that will involve.

Game notes: Morphius is human after all and does bleed. Capsize will always stay afloat with the skills he brings. Lessons in ultimate as well as life, patience is a virtue.

Always great to have pax from down range and name a guy!

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