10 Pax, low 40s, chilly wind

Disclaimer and principles stated
Warm up in cadence: imperial walkers, weed pickers, and squats

Slowzy to tunnel with Merlin pit stops

Tunnel of love introduced to the Pax. Literally a tunnel that goes under 31.

Slowzy to the shed on the field

3 Teams
5 laps
1 Cindy farmers carry relay
2 tire flip
3 Zamp walk, 1 guy carries, others follow, take turns
4 Tire roll as a team
5 Run

Slowzy with Merkin pit stops to the stadium

Ultimate frisbee for 20 minutes
Plan b was stadium tunnel runs partner a runs partner b plank

Slowzy with Merkin pit stops back to flags
Mary ended with a high plank count down from 100
I thought the slowzy, merkins, team competition,and ultimate helped us all bond and pushed us to work together. It’s always great to name new Pax so welcome Swan and Kisscam
Great job men!

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