Weather: 70 and muggy. Snooki’s ideal weather for pants and a long sleeve.

Pax: Snooki, Optimus, Bumblebee, Headlock, Face Off, State (Q)

Warm up—weed pickers x 10 (IC)/Abe Vigoda x 10 (IC)/Motivator x 5 while Snooki and Face Off came in hot


We moseyed over to the cross country course for a 1.5 laps of I spy. Run and then stop and do the exercises listed below when pass the landmark.

Evergreen                             2 HR merks

Trail marker                         10 squats

Frisbee hole                         2  burpees

Frisbee Tee Box                  3 BB Situps

Bear crawl across the road

1k or 2k trail sign        20 taps/30 climbers

No trespassing sign          10 or 15 American Hammers (IC)

Flag poles                             10 pickle pounders or 10 pickle pointers

Row of bushes                     Broad jumps

Bench                                    15 dips

Basketball hoop                15 bobby hurleys

Swimming pool                   20 flutter kicks

Car                              10 SSH

Announcements: Retreat at the Optimus Compound the 2nd week of September.

Prayers/Praise: Praise is in order since Face-Off’s M is feeling much better. Be kind. Show empathy. Lead by example.

Moleskin: Lots of running and hitting the ground today. Pax never complained and kept pushing. Did I mention Snooki wore long pants and long sleeves? Fears of a run from The Hill to Tundra were unwarranted and perhaps this is why Snitches sacked out on his HC, but will be stored away for future use. The sprint to the finish line between Bumblebee and Face-Off was too close to call, however, calls for a joint DQ were made as both runners appeared to cut a corner on the homestretch. A review of the film confirms the runners left the course and as a result YHC is awarded the gold medal. What can I say? Rules are rules.

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