7 Pax at Grizzly -6/9/2021.  Wrigley, Cheeseball, Kitty, Odyssey, Herbie, G-String (FNG), Pappy (Q)

70 degree, Started with Rain, but Finished Dry

Mosey to Pavilion, Grab a rock form the Creek on the way

Welcome and 5 principles

Warm up 

Hill Billy walkers 20 IC 
Weed pickers 15 IC 
10 motivators (for 10yr Bourbon) 

Thang- Bourbon Rules Workout 

Corn = 60 Merkins (nothing more American than Corn and Merkins) Bourbon is at least 51% corn

Rye = Run mosey around 400 Meter loop 
Barley= 5 Burpees at the midpoint add a little extra, 10 back at the Pavilion

Wheat= 40 Squats with your Rock 
Yeast= 40 Overhead presses, Bourdon is at least 40% alcohol 
New White oak Barrel= 100 Picnic table bench press. Bourbon is bottled between 80-120 proof 
Kentucky blue limestone= 90 Curls for the proof of Pappy 20 year 

Finish with some TABATA 

30 Secs Work 20 seconds rest- 12 rounds

Step Ups 

Calf Raises 


23 IC American Hammers- Bourbon is America’s official sprit- 23 for Pappy 23 year!

Recover Recover

COT- Pray for Wrigley Daughters friend who is having emergency surgery on her Heart

Mole Skin- The morning started wet, but the rain stopped and then held offer. A lot of hard work put in this morning by all. Welcome FNG G-String. No its not what you think, but he did attend IU. Wrigley was excited for another IU guy and then delivered the G-Sting name. 

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