11 PAX in attendance on this humid 70 degree morning

  • Bubblicious
  • Boucher
  • Sliot
  • Pew Pew
  • Daisy
  • Jay-Z
  • Piper
  • Ariel
  • Crabby-Po
  • Maestro
  • Stache (QIC)


Maestro lap, Arm Stretches, Batwing IC x 10, Chest Stretch x 2, Shoulder Stretch x 2, Grass Pickers IC x 15, Calf Stretches, Quad Stretches, any other stretching needed OYO


Mosey to the bball court for a Dora beatdown

PAX partnered up. One partner completes suicide while one tallies up the designated exercise, switch at the completion of the suicide.

  • 100 Pike Push-ups
  • 200 Merkins
  • 300 Toe Touches

Mosey to the stairs for 25 tricep dips and one stair suicide.

Patented Boucher 5 count then mosey back to the flags.


  • Crunchy Frog IC x 10
  • Hello Dolly’s IC x 10
  • Fifer Scissors IC x 15
  • LBC’s IC x 20
  • V-Up Roll-Ups x 10



The morning started with a bang. Two separate matters regarding accents and slams that, while hilarious, may have garnered a visit from the F3 HR director.

We also learned we have a talented ventriloquist amongst us. Though the talent level is good enough to make it on tour with Jeff Dunham this summer, the Comedy Central creative team will have their work cut out for them on designing a family friendly dummy. The Q also has so many questions on where the ventriloquist has to shove his hands for the show.

A sticky morning with the humidity. So much better than being bundled up in sock hats and sweats. Maestro apparently misses those days though, bringing back the winter glove. That or he’s trying to lose weight on his left hand for his summer hand modeling job.

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