5 Pax came out after a way too early, then late #pb from the Q (long story).

Disclaimer: “I’m not a professional, not responsible, the city of Noblesville’s not responsible, all exercises are suggestions, modify as necessary.  Peer led, outside, free, ends in cot

Warm O Rama:

Arm circles

Weed Pickers

Side Straddle Hops

Invisible Jump ropes

Imperial walkers



Start Song, run a lap

If a new song is on when you get back, run another lap

If not, 20 ‘Mericans

Everybody does 20 Mericans

10 Dips

20 Stand Ups on the benches

50 Squats

5 Burpees

Incline Mericans

Around the track  again. New song, same rules


100 LBCs

Low Plank 30 sec

High Plank 60 sec

30 American Hammers


Count Off



Picture by the flag

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