Weather: humid. Ruined my perm.

Pax: Motorboat, Slider, Quick, Carrot Top, State, Optimus, Headlock, Sarge, Spud, Faceoff, Square, Nomad

Warmup: SSH IC x20, arm circles forward IC x10, backwards IC x15, shoulder pretzels IC x20, air squats IC x10

Thang: block on shoulder, mosey up the hill to the entrance, circle up for curls IC x20

Block back on shoulder, mosey to the parking lot at the top of the hill, divided into two groups. Group 1 did block merkins, group 2 did bent over rows…both groups did the exercises together to the same IC x20. Groups swapped exercises, repeat. Kept swapping until both groups did each set 3 times.

Zamp to the fish bowl. Group 1 did 20 pull ups, group 2 did 20 dips. Swapped. Kept swapping until both groups did each set 2 times.

Zamp to the top of the hill. Group 1 started at the bottom with 10 squat thrusters then sprint up the hill once the group finished. Group 2 stayed at the top for 10 8-count man makers. Groups swapped places and repeated until both groups did each set 2 times.

Both groups moved to the bottom of the grass hill. Everyone did squat throws up the hill.

Shoulder carry to the crosswalk, Zamp to the end of the crosswalks, circle up for curls IC x20

Block on shoulder, mosey back for COT. 15 seconds left before COT so we finished with 5 air squats.

Recover, recover

Moleskin: did i mention it was humid? I started sweating just putting the flag up. What an awesome group to workout with this morning. Praise for CT’s wife’s new job, prayers for Clancy and family still adjusting, for the Moody family, and generals thoughts for Maize (you are missed, buddy!). It was an honor this morning, men.

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