June 12th Depot beatdown
Sunny, low 70s
Disclaimer and core principles stated
Warm up
Shoulder pretzels in cadence 46 count as Toga and Pantalones came in hot.

Slowzy to stadium

Beat the song 4 minute tunes, 4 rounds
Bluetooth speaker didn’t charge correctly so tunes ce.from my phone
Run 100 yards and back, 20 squats 20 Merkins, 20 sit ups, rest until next song

3 trips up the bleachers

Head to the shed where Cindy is waiting

2 min and 1 min Zamp holds

Head back for Mary 10 different exercises, reps went from 10-1 as we switched exercises
Cool down lap around the north side and give info to FNG
Recover recover
Count off, nameorama
Pic by flag
Mumble chatter was mainly on pushing ourselves and sharing what is working well in our physical health.

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