6 PAX @ Tundra (Pontoon-19, Beater, Logger, Spaceballs, Tulip, Khaki – Q)

58 degree weather makes for a beautiful gloom

Warm Up:

10 IC Weedpickers

10 IC Storm Troopers

10 IC Shoulder Pretzels


4 rounds

50 Squats

40 Big Boy Sit ups

30 Merkins

20 Bonnie Blairs (2 is 1 because we’re like that at Tundra 💪)

10 Burpees

Run the loop


I was tired this morning and I’m not scared to admit it… in reality Q’ing is the only thing that got me out of bed this morning but I did it! Yawning my way through the warm up we got after it. This workout is from IPC Week 0 of 2020! I personally really love this beatdown because it tests your form, endurance, and stamina. Originally this was made to be done for time but we did it all together cause everything is better with a buddy! I truly didn’t know if Spaceballs was going to be able to get up after we took our picture and Pontoon-19 mentioned dry heaving a couple times which is never a pretty thing to see. Always a pleasure to lead! REMEMBER – YOU ARE FREED TO LEAD BECAUSE F3 IS FREEEEEEEEE. Step up and Q.

Khaki out

If you read this entire BB, post a gif of a dog in the thread on slack 😬

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