8 pax at the Hill for Tabata here, there and everywhere on 6/22/2021.

– Tulip
– Logger
– Odyssey
– Bumblebee
– Optimus
– Headlock
– Q-Snooki

– SSH 20x IC
– Abe Vagoda 10x IC
– Kick w/ twist 10x IC
– Side lunges 10x IC
– High knees for 10 yards
– Butt kicker for 10 yards

Thang 1
– Mosey to the rockpile at the lower parking lot.
– Tabata interval. 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Each exercise we do twice.
– Curls
– Skull crusher
– Smurf jacks
– Monkey humper
– Merkins

Thang 2
– Mosey across the field, pass the outdoor gym, to the road.
– Same tabata intervals but with:
– Hand release Merkins
– Mountain climbers
– Diamon Merkins
– Shoulder taps

Thang 3
– Mosey to the fish bowl.
– Same tabata intervals but with:
– Incline Merkins
– Pull up bars
– Rocky Balboa
– Dirty hookups
– Diiiiippps

Thang 4
– Mosey towards starting point, stopped by the parking lot exit/enternace.
– Same tabata intervals but with:
– Starfish
– Polo ono
– Bonny Blaires
– Prisoner squat.
– Bobby Hurleys

– Touch your opposite toes big boy situp
– Bicycle
– American Hammers

– I may have gone overboard with the Merkins. It made sense on paper but maybe not so much in real life.
– We all wondered who Tabata is. Or if it’s acronym, who gets to have that job to come up with it?
– Q-adrenaline is for real.
– We were showered with a wonderful sunrise this morning. God’s wonderful creation is SO GOOD!
– During prayers, PAX asked about the loss of YHC M’s cousin. He was only 51 years old and is the warmest guys you’d ever meet. He left his family of 2 young girls. Men, make it count! During his funeral, the pastor shared this quote. Putting this here to encourage you as it has YHC:

The gospel says you are more sinful and flawed than you ever dared believe, but more accepted and loved than you ever dared hope.

Tim Keller

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