6/23/21 Grizzly 57 degrees and calm.  7 PAX reporting.  (Kitty, Pappy, Teller, Spud, Cosmo, Wrigley, Coyote Q) Disclaimer Given and 5 Core Principles.

*** Warm Up ***
• Seal Jacks ICx20
• Weed pickers ICx10
• Wall sit Arm Pretzels ICx20
• Moroccan Night Club ICx20
• Arm Circles ICx20
• Mosey to the Shelter

*** THE THANG ***
1,000 Rep. Challenge. Decided to go with 4 rounds of 25 reps each and then run 400m.

  1. Shoulder Tap      x100            2 = 1
  2. Picnic table press   x100
  3. Step up               x100            2 = 1
  4. Low Flutters      x100            2 = 1
  5. Bobby Hurley’s  x100
  6. Merkins        x100
  7. Air squats            x100
  8. LBC’s          x100
  9. Dips              x100           
  10. Calf Raises            x100
    Run one lap

Recover Recover

*** Moleskin ***
Today we pushed ourselves to achieve 1000 reps. Had to modify the running portion to get all 1000 reps in. (Shortened the run for laps 2 & 3) Mary was built into the workout. Lot of discussion about the 2 is 1 for Step Ups. Also noted that if we pass anyone in the park we all say “good morning” to them. If they reply “good morning” back then we stop and do 3 burpees. Didn’t have to do any burpees today. Praise for Cosmo and his new job. Praise for Teller on his fitness journey. Great to have him in F3 making us all better. Prayers for my son on his West Coast Trip. Be a HIM today.

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