9 men posted in extreme humidity


Bermuda lap

Grass pickers ICX15

Reach Around ICX15

Plank Jack’s ICX15

Hand Release merkins ICX10

Lunges ICX10

Motivator from 10


Mosey to east basketball court

Run length of court and do 1 plank destroyer

Run back to other end and do 2

Up to 10

Plank Destroyer-start in plank, down to elbows, back up, merkin, plank jack

Mosey to west basketball court

Same routine only with lunges EACH LEG

Mosey to tennis courts

Same routine with merkins

Mosey to stairs

Up south stairs, down north stairs, 1 dip

Back up north stairs and down south stairs for 2 dips….up to 10


Flutter kicks ICX20


Hello Dolly ICX10

Pickle pointers ICX10


According to the by laws, Rule #1 of weasel shaking is that the PAX doing the shaking is required to post. We have a felon among us. His name is Wapner. To his credit, we had several get out of the sack this morning. It’s unknown as to whether the shaking was the difference. Kicking off count to 10, do it again with plank destroyers was ROUGH. A fan favorite it was not, but the burn was legit. The attempt to make the workout challenging to motivate Piper to be consistent seemed to work. Mumble was very light during the plank destroyer but picked up considerably when we got to lunges. The increased mumble was made possible by a couple PAX not understanding that it was lunges EACH LEG. Their burn was not as intense, therefore their opportunity to chatter was greater. Comments were made regarding the age of certain PAX legs and the fact that one beast among us was posting on a bad foot. Too bad Popeye didn’t hear this conversation. Bottom line is that the sweat was real, the burn was intense, and we are all better men for having overcome the sack. Happy birthday goes out to SLIOT as he must have over done the Pickle pounders last night. We all know it wasn’t pointers. See you Wednesday

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