Marshall’s bluetooth speaker refused to connect so the rotunda did not thunder with motivating music. The dancing girls wouldn’t have shown up anyway.

Since Marshall was still fighting with the speaker at 0515, Motorboat handled the warmup and Disclaimer: “I’m not a professional, not responsible, the city of Noblesville’s not responsible, all exercises are suggestions, modify as necessary.  Peer led, outside, free, ends in cot

Warm O Rama: Motorboat’s


100 Squats

Incline Mericans

Mosey a lap

10 Dips

50 Squats

10 Burpees

Decline Mericans

20 Stand Ups on the benches

Around the track  again.


100 LBCs

Low Plank 30 sec

High Plank 60 sec

30 American Hammers


Count Off



Picture by the flag

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