Muggy 65 degrees with 4 PAX in attendance. Boucher, Daisy, Jay-Z, Bubblicious(QIC)

Around the World x10 OYO
Block Step Ups x20 IC
Block Merkins X10 IC
Arms/Legs OYO

Speed Hump Mosey
60 seconds straight of Monkey Humpers, as fast as possible at each speed bump.

Grab Blocks and Slowsey to Benches
20 Chain Saws each arm

Farmer Carry with Partner hanging back to do 5 burpees until arriving at the All Knowing Oracle Weenie.

Greta 1-2-3
100 Swings
200 Squats
300 LBC’s

Slowsey with Blocks to Stairs

Bucket Brigade x2 laps

Farmer Carry with Partner hanging back to do 5 burpees back to flags

Grave Diggers x10 ea. Side
Start standing with feet shoulder width apart and straddling a coupon. Bend over and grap coupon and lift it up and over the right shoulder until the coupon is by your right ear. Then return the coupon between your feet. Repeat on left side. This is easily completed as a 4-count exercise

Dealers Choice with Block

Hernia’s X 5
Heavy Freddie’s x20
Heavy Pointers x20
Heavy Flutters x20
Heavy Leg Lifts x20
Block Plank 30sec

Recover, recover

A small but mighty crew this morning made for a fast paced string of Pearls with many new movements woven in. Topics: The definition of “warm-up movement” is highly debatable, Farmer defense of fellow “farmers” vs the high standards bum son-in-laws are held to, Wapner seems to have been hit with the Jet Lag Delta Variant, Eating like a trash panda over the weekend makes for a painful Monday morning, and the constant fear of busting your face running downhill burns more calories. Good work men! Great morning!

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