64 and muggy at Grizzly.  6 Pax reporting.  Spaceballs, Piddles, Mr. Bean, Miranda, DC, Coyote (Q)
Disclaimer Given and 5 Core Principles.

*** Warm Up ***
•       SSH IC x20
•       Weed Pickers IC x10
•       Arm Circles IC x20
•       Arm Pretzels IC x20
*** The Thang ***
Slowsy to the Parking lot for Block PT Test.
1.      KB Swings  (AMRAP 2 mins)
2.      Curls  (AMRAP 2 mins)
3.      Zamp Hold (Hold as longi as possible)
4.      Goblet Squats  (AMRAP 2 mins)
5.      Overhead Press  (AMRAP 2 mins)
6.      Farmer Carry (2 Block across the parking lot – count spaces)
7.      Block Merkins  (AMRAP 2 mins)
8.      8 Count Man Makers  (AMRAP 2 mins)
Recover Recover

*** Moleskin ***
Great job on the PT test today.  The new guys did great. Prayer requests for Piddles knee.    

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