Weather: 72

Pax: FNG -Klinger, Wilson, Cheeseball, Clancy, Sarge, Headlock, Biscuit, Odyssey, Ponzi, Snaphook.

Disclaimers and Core’s. followed by warm up- 15 SSH IC. Rubber bands and Frankenstein.

Warm up mosey to downtown. followed by a reverse Captain D route w breaks at 4 min. followed by all you got for a block, walk for a block. rinse and repeat for a while. Mosey to garage. Headlock took some pax on a run up the whole dang thing, remaining pax walked ramps and ran flats. Mosey back to flags for some biscuit led stretching.

Moleskine: Big turnout for IR day. Odyssey and Ponzi enjoyed it tremendously, they were shocked to discover it was also free. Clancy’s calf got swole midway through the garage but he was able to push through. EC to Ponzi for wearing a weight vest. Great work today by all the pax. Strong 3.61 mi

Psalm 119:45 And I will walk at liberty, For I seek Your precepts.

Keep EHing. Give it away. We miss you Tulip! stay strong. NamO- COT- Lt. Owen. – PBTF.

SYITG- Snaphook

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