Weather…60’s and humid (like it is every day)

Pax reporting…Doozy (Downrange), Posey (Downrange 2.0), Cheeseball, Coyote, Face Off, Spud, Mr. Bean, Teller, Woolly Dutchman, Odyssey, Snooki, Wrigley (Q)

Welcome, Disclaimer, and Core Principles

Warm Up…SSHs, Weedpickers, Kick with a Twist, Arm Circles, Wall Sit

Mosey to the northwest corner of the park loop (corner of the playground)

ETOT (Every Tree on the Tree). Complete two of each exercise at each tree. Run from tree to tree. Lap ends with the last tree by the basketball court. Mosey back to start line. There are about 55 trees along the path.

Lap 1…1/2 lap of Squats, 1/2 lap of HR Merkins

Lap 2…1/2 lap of Big Boy Situps, 1/2 lap of SSHs

Move to wet and grassy area on northeast corner of the park for Mary.

Mary…Burpee (1), Bear crawl (2 feet), Butterfly situps (10 IC), Flutter kicks (20 IC), Alternate high plank/low plank (~ 2 mins), LBCs (50 IC)

Recover Recover


Moleskin: Great to have so many out at Grizzly this morning, including two downrange from Virginia. Snooki was on the fence about wearing a coat and hat. Woolly came in hot still wondering if today was legs day. His jump shot might be compromised tonight. Bad dad jokes were flying. Posey was not impressed. Come to find out his grandmother is a clown. YHC thought better of telling some jokes that Doozy might not find appropriate for a 12 year old. If it was Cosmo’s 2.0 YHC probably would have told them. A lot of mumblechatter about the wet grass for Mary. That grass in your car, on your shoes, in the shower, and in the laundry basket will remind you that while others slept you got up and did something difficult this morning. Good work men! Always an honor to lead you.

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