6 men posted in 64° swampy air


Bermuda lap

Grass pickers ICX15

Reach Around ICX15

Skaters ICx15

Moroccan night club ICX15

Tempo squats ICX10

Tempo Merkins ICX10

Last minute stretching


At bottom of stairs, one grave digger with block on each shoulder

Run up and down stairs once

2 grave diggers each shoulder

Up and down stairs twice

You get the idea. No goal in mind. Just R&R until time for Mary.


Flutter kicks ICX20

Pickle pointers ICX20


Hello Dolly ICX20


Mumble started out slow. It was nice to see 6 men instead of 4. We are trending in the right direction. For you trivia buffs, it was “Googled” while running stairs that Michael Jordan took for years off between his final run with the Bulls and playing for the Wizards. (1997-2001). This convo stemmed from short discussion about Simone Biles and her GOAT status. We made it to round 10 of the workout with Boucher claiming he finished all 10. It should be noted that he has a history of counting difficulties. Good to see Gas Man at COT. Hope to see more on Friday. Sorry for the boring BB. Boucher didn’t give me much material.

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